‘Harry Potter’ Book Covers Recreated As Minimalistic Mesmerizing GIFs

by designer and illustrator Jace Martinez


Seam by for brands.


Concept: Firewood Vodka | Constantin Boilmond, Orsha, Belarus | The Dieline

Firewood Vodka is a concept-project produced by Constantin Boilmond. Imagine pieces of wood used for burning in furnaces, fireplaces or a fire for having heat and light. Constantin Boilmond used the definition of “firewood” as inspiration: “Vodka the ‘firewood’ warms not only your body, but your soul too.” The idea is with sips of Firewood Vodka, it shall burn you like firewood. A quite literal and unique approach.


NEW MOVE Trend Diary 2014 by Eiga from Germany


Dumoulin Bicyclettes Visual Identity Design | Sebastien Bisson | We and The Color

Brand Design. Graphic designer Sebastien Bisson created the excellent visual identity for Dumoulin Bicyclettes. The complete identity has a very consistent design. Sebastien Bisson developed an appealing symbolism and the use of only 2 colors (black and yellow) gives the identity a contemporary look.


Packaging inspiration | From up North

It is often said that 3 in 4 consumer buying decisions are made at the point of purchase. That is why it is crucial for product packaging to have maximum shelf presence. Great packaging should capture the shopper’s attention and give them enough information to close the sale. An effective package design should also build brand awareness and customer satisfaction in the purchase decision they make. In this packaging gallery, we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of packaging design.


Flora Chan   |   http://floramakesthings.com

"Prologue is a series of fine teas inspired by literary classics. Each canister of loose leaves features a unique blend of flavors that characterizes the novel. The designs on the tins include motifs from the narratives and other elements that are a part of the reading experience."

I am a designer originally from Singapore, and am currently a Communication Design major at Parsons the New School for Design.
I love coming up with stories, making things, and making things happen, and I’m currently learning how to make things responsibly.

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Chalkboard Pumpkins

 We’ve found a good idea on the web, on how to show your love for Halloween and typography at the same time. These are chalkboard pumpkins. You may create that normal pumpkin face on those or you simply throw in a concept of your own. If you want to know, how to create chalkboard pumpkins, head to this manual. There’s another interesting chalkboard pumpkin article, of which I used a picture.

Written by Michael Zeller

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